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Bio. Deacon

(Biography for a promotion of the first album)

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DEACON JOHN : Bass Guitar.

Born 19th August 1951 (Leo) in Leicester.
Deacon John started by playing Rhythm Guitar at the age of 12 but changed to Bass when he was 14. He played with a couple of groups whilst at Beauchamp Grammer School, up until the time when he started at Chelsea College (where he archived a 1st Honours Degree in Electronics)

In February 1971, he became the final Ace in Queen.

He is a quiet lad who smiles and says "hello" and means it. Possessed with high intelligence and speed of thought.

INFLUENCES : Yes, the World and 60 cycles.
LIKES : Shiny rubber vests, tight wellingtons, rope, elastic, waxed string, raincoats, lino and bowler hats -- and the odd glass of Claret.

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