Fender Precision Bass Natural finish (2)
Written by t-sakamoto (translated by mami)

Fender Precision Bass Natural finish (2)

In 1976, at the time of 'A Day At The Races'.
John began to use this Natural 2 as his main bass.
After peeling off its coating, it seems to be painted an oil for preventing a moisture.

Natural 2 at the time of 'News Of The World' tour.
You can see a heavy dent on the lower part of its body.
In 1985, the strap pin is replaced by the one with security lock (chrome).

During a recording of the album 'A Kind Of Magic'.
The dent was restored before Live Aid.
In April 1986 it seems to be adjusted in detail in order to restore some scars of its body.

I guess the following parts are restored: (the above picture is the one before restoration)

* Bury the trace of the restoration of the dent and a screw hole side its bridge. And re-polish its body.
* Change color of its body not to attract attention the trace of the restoration (it seems the only way).
* Change several parts (bridge, strap pin, peg and knob are plated with gold.)
* Replace pick guard with the custom-made one (it's not a special one, but not from Fender.)
* (possibly) change the pickup and the pot.

* Refret
* Adjustment of the neck

Through those restoration in April 1986, this bass is transformed into the Black Precision.