Fender Precision Bass Natural finish (1)
Written by t-sakamoto (translated by mami)

Each of John's two sunburst precision basses was peeled off its coating and turned to be the natural finish precision, which is one of the trademark for him.
Fender Precision Bass Natural finish (1)

John has mainly used this Natural finish (1) at the time of 'A Night At The Opera'.
The cause of a bit 'creamy' color of the body is a paint for preventing a moisture. Most of precisions in those days seem to have this color after peeling off its coating. Incidentally, after peeling , his bass seems to be painted an oil for preventing a moisture, not clear lacquer.

The natural finish (1) at the time of "JAZZ Tour (US tour '78 : New Orleans)".
As seen in the above two pix, the logo of the head isn't seen clearly, because this logo ('64 - '67) is a silver sticker.
The finger rest is on the upper part of the pickup (later it is replaced on the original position).
In "Flash" PV, we can see a DiMarzio pickup. It is possible that it's the same pickup attached to his Kramer bass (seen in "Play The Game" PV), but now it has the original pickup.

From "The Miracle" PV.
Although it's also hard to see its logo, we're sure that this is the natural finish (1).
I think that the diagram "John Deacon = the natural finish bass" is not only one of the factor for Queen but also has the most important meanings in order to describe John.