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jazz bass 77

RotoSound - Jazz Bass 77 flatwound
  • "One of the original Rotosound sets from the early 1960s. These strings can be heard on many famous albums, used over the years by Sting, Phil Lynott, Steve Harris and John Deacon." (quoted from ROTO SOUND)
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    RotoSound - Superwound 606 & 707
  • "They are the wire wound ones with just the inner cable and it only starts being wound when it gets over the bridge -- it's meant to be a bit more twangy. I use those and they're quite a nice light gauge really. I suppose I ought to use a heavier gauge at times to get more of a solid sound but I find the light gauge easier to play. I've always used them and haven't really tried others because I'm happy with the sound I get. If I wasn't I'd perhaps search and try some others." " ("International Musician and Recording World" '79)